Papa Destra

I'm only human imperfect 
I was a human being who is born with all the shortcomings and weaknesses.
I am neither a poet nor a poet.

I'm just an ordinary man who can only be grateful for the gift and His grace.
I was a human being who always want to be better.
I am neither clever nor an educated person.
I am not a rich nor those who wallowing in wealth.

I'm just an ordinary man who was trying to be a lucky person.
I was a human being who is looking for identity.
I was a human being who is learning to understand the meaning of life.
I am a man who wanted to be myself.

I'm just live in  hometown but love the internet world.
The internet is something extraordinary. With the internet we can do many things.
Such as share something to others, interact with with a friend or friends without knowing the distance or with someone we do not know though.
And the most interesting in my opinion, on the internet we can also work / business with a very wide range even unlimited.

I'm just a man who wants to be able to make sense of each journey of life.
May we be successful and lucky, Amin

Sembogo Wulan