Wordpress Password Reset


WordPress Password Reset is a PHP script which allows you to reset the password for WordPress users quickly without login to WordPress. You need to create a account for “WordPress Reset password” tool. Its really simple.

This script will be very helpful:
-if someone changed your website admin password and you have no access
-if you want to change the password for all users quickly for any reason
-if someone has hacked your website, you can still reset passwords for users/admin because this script does not require admin login
-if you lost your admin password for any reason
-if you migrated your old site to WordPress
-if you want to change the password for all users of particular role in just one click

-Reset password for single users
-Reset password for all users of specific role
-Reset password for all users
-Reset password for selected users
-Generate random password or use your own password
-Option to send password in email notification or not
-Search user by name

How to install:
-Extract the zip package
-Upload wp-pw-reset folder to root of WordPress site

How it works:
- You can access it as: your_domain.com/wp-pw-reset
- Enter your email get confirmation link to email given.
- Click on link given in email and Setup password for future uses.
- Now you can use all features for “WordPress Password Reset” tool.

Wordpress Password Reset

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