WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing Pro


A WooCommerce Extention that gives an ability to your store to better success with wholesale pricing. You can easily manage your existing store with wholesale pricing. Just you need to add a wholesaler customer by selecting their role “Wholesaler”, wholesale prices only visible for Wholesaler Customers not for public customers. Also, we have Front end Wholesale Registration form.

Still Confused?
Try out our Free Version before switching to this Pro. In case you have any pre-sale question you can always ask us over here.

Feature list

- Add Wholesale Price in simple product
- Add Wholesale Price in variable product
- Manage Wholesale prices in bulk to make things easy
- Change all labels from settings
- Front end Wholesale Registration form
- Wholesale price display in front end for Wholesaler user
- Can add fix amount discount
- Can add percentage discount

Free Version:

Click here to downloads our free version of Wholesale Pricing Pro.


Version : 1.0
Date : 09/07/2017
intial release.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing Pro

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