PrivateContent - WordPress Bundle Pack


The complete PrivateContent suite!

Finally you can get the most complete WordPress Membership solution without wondering which add-ons you need.

This is a special pack including PrivateContent plugin and every released add-on!

Save time with a unique installation and an unified update system acting on every installed element.

Save up to 20%

This is not only a big advantage on usability side, but an opportunity to make a unique deal!

In fact, purchasing every item singularly you would spend at least 86$!.

What you get



  • Complete users management

  • Best restrictions engine on the market

  • True forms framework

  • Lightbox engine

  • Google Analytics integration

premium plans add-on

    Premium Plans

  • Unlimited pay subscription plans

  • Time-limited subscriptions

  • Plan’s trial period

  • WooCommerce based (taking advantage of payment gateways and invoicing system)

  • Discount coupons support

  • Automatic plan’s renewal system

user data add-on

    User Data

  • Create unlimited fields and forms

  • Targeted data type validation

  • Print user’s data through shortcode

  • Search and filter by custom data

mail actions add-on

    Mail Actions

  • Users verification via e-mail

  • Password recovery / reset system

  • Mailchimp seamless sync

  • Admin and user notifications

  • Quick mail system with attachment

secure links add-on

  • Lock down any link you want

  • Complete files protection

  • Restrict by categories or single user

  • One click link-to-WP editor

  • Download counter

And any future add-on!

PrivateContent - WordPress Bundle Pack

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