PhotoMosaic for WordPress


PhotoMosaic adds an option to Wordpress’ Create Gallery flow that allows you to select “PhotoMosaic” as your gallery’s theme. Your Wordpress Gallery is then transformed into a visually-striking design piece by giving it a fresh masonry layout worthy of your favorite design blog.


  • Works with WordPress’ native gallery system. Simply select “PhotoMosaic” from the template field when you create your gallery

  • Galleries can be made from a list of images, images attached to a post/page, and categories and tags in any taxonomy (default and custom)

  • Plugin Options Page to easily configure all of your PhotoMosaic galleries

  • Supports inline shortcode params (eg: [photomosaic width=”500” height=”300”])

  • Template Tag support (eg: <?php wp_photomosaic() ?>)

  • Widget support

  • Fully Responsive

  • Masonry Layout

  • Customizable columns, width, padding, and more!

  • Supports Lazy Loading

  • Uses all of your WordPress image renditions to choose the best image for the mosaic layout

  • Have images link to a URL (with option to open that URL in a new window/tab), open a larger version of the image in a Lightbox, or don’t make them links at all.
  • CSS3 loading animations

  • Works with your favorite Lightbox plugin (or use the packaged PrettyPhoto)

  • Includes code areas for Custom CSS and an onReady Callback

  • Uses the default WordPress gallery for tried and true SEO

  • Gracefully degrades to the standard WordPress gallery in old (feature poor) browsers or if a user doesn’t have Javascript enabled

Latest Release – v2.15.8 (May 6th, 2017)

  • Bug Fix : switches CDNs (the old one added a redirect that caused problems in Safari)

PhotoMosaic for WordPress

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