Papa Destra Trading Systems

Papa Destra Trading Systems is a multicurrency forex system based on indicators.

Indicator FuturoFX

Every day trader asks "where are today the price will go?" In this question is the work of a trader. But the creators of the indicator FuturoFX decided to simplify the answer to the above mentioned question and created a tool that draws on the schedule the alleged price movement into several (setup in the indicator) candles advance. 

Indicator FuturoFX or analyzes historical data and price movements finds the similar combination with the current market situation. After analyzing all the possible options, the indicator displays on the chart its forecast future behavior of prices in two versions: the arithmetic mean of all the available coincidences in history and most likely further price movement.
The principle of operation of the indicator FuturoFX
Indicator FuturoFX scans last N candles on the chart (Look Back option in the settings indicator), stores them. Then compares this set of N candles with a history of sets finds the the same number of candles and selects only those in which the percentage of "similarity" of 75% or higher (also specified in the settings - parameter Cor Threshold). After this FuturoFX analyzes how price was moving after such sets in the history of candles and displays on the chart of the average price movement of all the options in the form of a red-yellow tunnel. And the most likely price movement with the largest percentage draws yellow bars on the chart:

FuturoFX can be applied to any asset (currency pairs, indices, metals) and on any timeframe. Since the indicator FuturoFX gives a forecast based on historical data, before installing the indicator on the chart of the asset download for him archive quotations. Just download quotations for M1. To do this, go to Tools/History Center or press F2 in MT4 terminal.


Forex Trading Discipline

There are three spokes that make up, what I call the Wheel of Success as it relates to trading. The first spoke is content. 

Content consists of all the external and internal market information that traders utilize to make their trading decisions. All traders must purchase value-added content that provides utility in making their trading decisions.
The most important type of content is internal market information (IMI). IMI simply is time and price information as disseminated by the exchanges. After all, we all make our trading decisions in the present tense based on time and price. In order to scalp the markets effectively, we must have the most live and up-to-date time and price information seam- lessly delivered to our PCs through a reliable execution platform and/or charting package. Without instantaneous time and price information, we would be trading in the dark.  

The second spoke is mechanics. Mechanics is how you access the markets and the methodology that you employ to enter/exit your trades. You must master mechanics before you can enjoy any success as a trader. A simple keystroke error can result in a loss of thousands of dollars. A trader can ruin his entire day with an inadvertent trade entry error.  

Once you have mastered order execution, though, it is like riding a bike. The process of entering and exiting trades becomes seamless and mindless. Fast and efficient trade execution, especially if you are trading with a scalping methodology, will enable you to hit a bid or take an offer before your competitors do. Remember, the fastest survive. 

The third and most important spoke in the Wheel of Success is discipline. You must attain discipline if you ever hope to achieve any level of trading success. Trading discipline is practiced 100 percent of the time, every trade, every day. 

Trading with discipline will put more money in your pocket and take less money out. The one constant truth concerning the markets is that discipline = increased profits.

Being disciplined is of the utmost importance, but it's not a some- times thing, like claiming you quit a bad habit, such as smoking. If you claim to quit smoking but you sneak a cigarette every once in a while, then you clearly have not quit smoking. If you trade with discipline nine out of ten trades, then you canĂ­t claim to be a disciplined trader. It is the one undisciplined trade that will really hurt your overall performance for the day. 


HMA-Bollinger Bands Manual Day Trading

HMA-Bollinger Bands Day Trading System is purely a discretionary or manual trading system, not an Automated trading strategy or EA and is mostly self-explanatory.  

Blends nicely with almost all sort of markets – equities, derivatives, forex etc. The system is a combination of Price Action, Momentum and Trend. Helps making trading decisions with ease, with less stress and strain. Ideal for scalping, day trading and positional trading. Can be used in all known chart types – Bar, Candle, Tick, Volume, Range, Renko.

Known disadvantages: 1. Not all charting software will allow Standard Deviation of Bollinger Bands to be configured below 1 (i.e. in decimals); 2. Not all charting software will have Hull Moving Average (HMA) and Heiken Ashi.

Instruments in focus: EURUSD, German Dax 30 Index, FDAX Futures, Euro Bund Futures-FGBL, S&P 500 Index, ES Futures

Indicators used: Heiken Ashi, Hull Moving Average (HMA), Bollinger Bands, MACD & RSI and Murrey Math or Pivot Points

Indicator settings: HMA-26 (For Amibroker-26 and Sq. Root-9), Bollinger Bands–14, 0.26, MACD–12,26,9 & RSI–14, 9. Choose any combination of numbers that suit your trading style and trading method.

Entry Strategy: 

For Long Bulls:
1. Price clearly above HMA & Bollinger bands
2. MACD histogram above zero line
3. RSI above 50

For Short Bulls:
1. Price clearly below HMA & Bollinger bands
2. MACD histogram below zero line
3. RSI below 50

Exit Strategy:
Either fixed target or exit at the end of the trend

Important Note: I mainly trade Indian Stocks, do not trade forex or other markets.

Megatrendfx Nitro version 5.00

March 20, 2015 – A new interim update is being coded that will add new Display Modes. New Metatrader 4 Build 765 increased the overall size of the One Click Panel. New Metatrader 4 Build 769 now adds variable width to the One Click Panel. As with all previous updates dating back to 2010, all customers dating back to 2010 will receive the new download link to their email inbox when it is complete. The download + installation process is the same. If your email address has changed since your purchase or since receiving the latest 5NITRO+ upgrade on May 27 2014.

Strength component has been improved with double the calculation providing greater precision and a wider analysis. The Strength calculation inside the meter and meter strength output has doubled. An additional strength measurement and strength reading has been added to the meter. In addition to the legacy 48 Bar lookback, a 24 Bar lookback has also been added and is the 2nd number to the right. The longer lookback, 48 Bars, comprises 57% of the total SS weight, while 24 Bars makes up 43%. 

Accordingly, an extra 4 points or 5.5% of the total GLOBAL% has been given to Symbol Strength. These 4 points were taken from the Bottom 4 Boxes. 1 point from each Box, leaving them now with 3 points each. A User input for both of these lookbacks has been added in this 5th version. The actual time frame from which the strengths are measured from is non-linearly higher when the meter is loaded on smaller time frames. This skew towards using higher time frames generally decreases as the time frame in which 5N+ is loaded on … increases.



Karakter Currency Pair

Pergerakan GBP/USD adalah yang paling agresif sepanjang masa. Rentang pergerakan harga grafik ini yang sangat cepat. Dalam hitungan beberapa jam saja pergerakan sudah mencapai 100 poin lebih. Berita Fundamental yang sering muncul untuk GBP adalah pada pukul 06.00 WIB (medium impact) dan 16.30 & 19.45 WIB untuk High Impact. Untuk USD yaitu pada pukul 19.30 – 22.00 WIB untuk semua kategori Medium & High Impact.
  • Rata-rata pergerakan harian: 100 – 200 poin
  • Jam aktif perdagangan : 15.00 – 22.00 WIB
  • Nilai per poin : $1 (mini) atau $10 (regular)


Pair EUR/USD adalah pair mata uang yang lebih enak ditradingkan ketimbang GBPUSD karena gerakannya stabil . Pergerakannya 3/4 nya GBPUSD. Dengan menambahkan SMA 10 & 20, kita dapat mengambil keputusan Buy & Sell. Berita Fundamental yang sering muncul untuk EUR adalah pada pukul 16.00 & 18.00 WIB untuk Medium & High Impact. Untuk USD yaitu pada pukul 19.30 – 22.00 WIB untuk semua kategori Medium & High Impact.
  • Rata-rata pergerakan harian: 75 – 150 poin
  • Jam aktif perdagangan : 14.00 – 22.00 WIB
  • Nilai per poin : $1 (mini) atau $10 (regular)


Jika Anda ingin bertrading santai, tanpa takut pergerakan harga bergerak cepat secara drastis, Anda dapat memilih alternatif untuk AUD/USD. Pergerakan AUD/USD adalah setengah dari EUR/USD atau 3/4 dari GBPUSD. Berita Fundamental yang sering muncul untuk AUD adalah pada pukul 07.30, 10.30 WIB (suku bunga) untuk Medium & High Impact. Untuk USD yaitu pada pukul 19.30 – 22.00 WIB untuk semua kategori Medium & High Impact.
  • Jam aktif perdagangan : 07.00 – 22.00 WIB
  • Nilai per poin : $1 (mini) atau $10 (regular)


Pair ini sering memberi kejutan dimana Anda harus berhati-hati dalam mengambil keputusan Buy atau Sell. Walaupun gerakan hariannya panajng namun seringkali mudah dibalik arahkan sehingga body candlenya kecil . Jam berita Fundamental adalah 06.50 – 12.00  WIB untuk Jepang dan untuk USD yaitu pada pukul 19.30 – 22.00 WIB untuk semua kategori Medium & High Impact.
  • Jam aktif perdagangan : 14.00 – 22.00 WIB
  • Nilai per poin : $1.2 (mini) atau $12 (regular)



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